Data Sets

Data Set 1

1. South African Economic & Financial Data
Statistics South Africa
South African Reserve Bank
ShareData Online
2. Global Economic & Financial Data
International Monetary Fund
International Labour Organization
International Trade Centre
The Observatory
Yahoo Finance
Google Finance
3. Journals, Literature & Research
Social Science Research Network
Research Finance
Project Gutenberg
4. News and Periodicals
The Economist
The Wall Street Journal
Business Insider
Seeking Alpha
Marginal Revolution
Money Watch Africa
Poor Economics
FDI Intelligence
Financial Times
New York Times
5. Useful Links and Blogs
Mark Thoma's Economist's View
Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok's Marginal REVOLUTION
Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality
Tony Yates' Long and Variable
David Andolfatto's MacroMania
Roger Farmer's Economic Window
Scott Sumner's The Money Illusion
John Cochrane's The Grumpy Economist
N. Gregory Mankiw's Greg Mankiw’s Blog
Miles Kimball's Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson's Why Nations Fail
James Hamilton and Menzie Chinn's Econbrowser
Frances Woolley, Stephen Gordon, and Nick Rowe's Worthwhile Canadian Initiative
Keith McLachlan's Small Caps
Oliver and John Mihaljevic's Manual of Ideas
Tadas Viskanta's Abnormal Returns
Ryan O'Connor's Above Average Odss
David Merkel's Aleph Blog
Saj Karsan's Barel Karsan
Jonathan Heller's Cheap Stocks
Andrew Ross Sorkin's DealBook
Toby Carlisle's Greenbacked
Greg Speicher's Ideas for Intelligent Investing
John DiStanislao's ShadowStock
Tariq Ali's Street Capitalists
Ravi Nagarajan's The Rational Walk
Wes Gray's Alpha Architect
Joe Koster's Value Investing World
Todd Sullivan's ValuePlays
Jacob Wolinsky's Value Walk
Mebane Faber's World Beta