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Several publications ran the following article on 13 November 2004.

Published by Finweek in October 2014.

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Adrian Saville, Chief Investment Officer of Cannon Asset Managers and GIBS visiting professor, has won the 2014 CEEMAN Champions Teaching Award which recognises outstanding achievement by an individual faculty member.

Originally established in 1993 to promote management development in central and eastern Europe, the Central and East European Management Dev

You want to keep your portfolio up and coming this spring?

Well Then Clover, Holdsport, Torre, BowlerMetcalf and HCI could be the stocks for you.

Dr Adrian Saville from the CITADEL Inspiration Indaba 2014

Published on 4 Sep 2014. The full video gallery can be found here

AFRICAN Bank may have been the first to fall, but this is just one part of a tragic story that concerns all microlenders who provide cash loans to fund consumption, which affects SA much more broadly and deeply than the collapse of a single business.

This article appeared in on August 14 2015.


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Market Commentator is a new series of podcast interviews done by Moneyweb with chief investment officers, fund managers and portfolio managers.

The Visa Africa Integration Index

The Visa Africa Integration Index was developed by Dr Lyal White and me, in conjunction with Vis sub-Saharan Africa.  The index aims to measure the extent and nature of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic connectedness amongst 11 key economies across three key regional clusters.

Economic outlook differs for the emerging and advanced nations

The outlook for global economic performance in 2013 is double edged. On the one hand, we expect the dynamic, emerging markets – countries such as Indonesia, India, China, Chile, Nigeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Turkey and Ghana – to maintain strong economic growth supported by positive structural factors.