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We find ourselves in an environment in which there is more to be worried about than usual, including an escalation of the China-US trade war, fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit, and erratic or aggressive Fed policy decisions.

Then, for good measure, we can add a dose of yield curve inversion in the US, a phenomenon that has been followed by a recession every time in the past 60 years — with only one exception in the late 1960s.

SuperDogs: Dr Adrian Saville talks South African deep value with Tobias on The Acquirers Podcast


South Africa's path to prosperity: Adrian Saville is author of The Investec-GIBS Savings Index. The 2019 report, co-authored with Ian Macleod is devoted to stories of transformation and change, stories of countries, communities and families that make the journey from "poor" to "prosperous". These are not stories of miracles that peddle in false hope or that are filled with naive optimism. The cases covered in this note deal with common problems, common ingredients and common sense to explore and examine how ordinary places become extraordinary.

12 June 2019: Investment manager and author Mebane Faber recently argued for "investing entirely in emerging markets (EMs) for the long haul", reasoning that the endemic features of these markets make a compelling case for the long run.

To start, EMs are home to large and growing populations that drive household and business spending. As many as 6.4 billion people, or 86% of the world's population, live in EM countries.

Is now a good time to invest?

Adrian Saville, Chief Executive, and Samantha Steyn, Chief Investment Officer of Cannon Asset Managers

"Is now a good time to invest?" is one of the most frequently asked questions in the investment world. Whilst seemingly innocent, this question invariably leads to furious debate, with rafts of evidence put forward by both the "yes" and "no" camps.

Investing in market underdogs is a winning investment strategy

27 March 2019: One of the first principles in investing is to "buy low and sell high". A second principle is to avoid the risk of doing the exact opposite, namely "buying high and selling low".

Many investors ask, "How much money can I make?" before taking an investment position.

But events like the accounting scandal at Steinhoff or business fraud at Theranos – and their subsequent share price collapses – highlight that an investor's first consideration should rather be "How much money can I lose?"

Dr Adrian Saville, Chief Executive, Cannon Asset Managers

This year's Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) promises to be one of the more important in South Africa's recent history, given the faltering economy, strained fiscal status and ongoing concern regarding the risks of further credit rating downgrades and tax hikes.

Sabvest is an investment holding group that has been listed on the JSE since 1988. The company has an exceptional long-term investment record, having generated a return to shareholders of 54 times capital over its 30-year history under the steady hand and sharp eye of founder, Christopher Seabrooke. Despite this prodigious long-term result, Sabvest is generally unknown to South African investors, and flies under the radar.