The attached video is an interview done by Bronwyn Nielsen on CNBC Africa's show Investment 360, with co-host Kevin Algeo of Imara SP Reid, relating to Cannon Asset Managers' SuperDogs portfolio, which I manage.

The SuperDogs portfolio is a pooled portfolio which is invested in some of the deepest value equities listed on the JSE Securities Exchange (JSE). The portfolio was launched for investors on 1 September 2010. Cannon has researched this portfolio for the past 15 years using a 'live testing' process, which gives great substance to the results of the research. Over the research period, the modelled SuperDogs portfolio has substantially outperformed all other domestic equity indices. For instance, the modelled SuperDogs portfolio beat its nearest rival, the JSE’s Midcap Index, by a factor of 2.7 times and beat the All Share Index by a factor of 3.3 times.