Recently I had the privilege of being involved in a series of discussions on CNBC Africa's programme Wealth Quest. Hosted by Eleni Giokos, with guest hosts Cobie Legrange, Fundamental Analyst from Acsis, and Roland Rousseau, Equity Strategist at ABSA, Wealth Quest brings clarity to the often complex and blurry world of portfolio management.

The show that I was involved in divided into two parts.

The first part was dedicated to a discussion of James Montier's seminal work The Seven Sins of Fund Management . Clicking this link will take you to Jame's original paper, which addresses a number of important issues in fund management, including:

  1. How can behavioural finance inform the investment process?
  2. How do we analyse the processes of a fund management house?
  3. What fund management activities erode investment results?

This first part of the Wealth Quest interviews discuss The Seven Sins of Fund Management in an effort to explore some of the areas in which understanding psychology could radically alter the way investment managers behave and how they structure their businesses. The results challenge some of the most deeply held beliefs in the fund management industry.

The second part of the Wealth Quest series was devoted to a discussion of Cannon Asset Managers' SuperDogs portfolio , which I manage. The original research paper that is referred to in these discussion is available by clicking this link