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Almost ten years since the Angolan ceasefire, the country’s economy has risen like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. The article below sets out some of my views and thoughts on Angola’s economic performance since independence, the economy's remarkable rise over the past decade and the country's economic prospects as the tenth anniversary of the declaration of peace approaches in April 2012.

When Angola gained independence from Portugal in the mid-1970s, the country was the fourth largest coffee producer in world.

Benjamin Graham is often referred to as the father of value investing.

This follows from the fact that the investment principles he set out over many decades of successful investing - starting with his 1934 publication of Security Analysis with David Dodd - remain as relevant today as when they were first presented


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A Background Note

The note below, authored by John Cassidy, was published earlier this week by the Financial Times.
Cassidy, is a staff writer at The New Yorker and a contributor to The New York Review of Books.

Towards the end of the Second World War the United States (US) government, along with the governments of the other 43 Allied nations, put together the Bretton Woods system of monetary management which was designed to rebuild the international economic system which had been brought to its knees by the policy actions and economic events of the period embracing the two World Wars.

Amongst other institutions, the planners at Bretton Woods established the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is an international organization that oversees the global financial system by following the m