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Adrian Saville, Chief Investment Officer, of Cannon Asset Managers, made the cover of the 22 May 2014 edition of Finweek. In the related story, Adrian identifies 10 companies that Cannon believes have the agility and stability to thrive for the next 10 years.

"Generating sustained earnings growth is a tough task for all companies - regardless of industry, geography, age, size or economic environment.

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There is prevailing conventional wisdom among labour and certain parts of government and industry who believe that a weak rand will reverse South Africa’s sagging industrial competitiveness, thereby lifting economic growth and redress our unemployment problem.

But since 2011 the rand has steadily weakened and where are the jobs?

"Welcome to this session of Small Cap Investing Summit 2014. We are very please to have with us Adrian Saville CIO of Cannon Asset Managers based in South Africa.

Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008, the world's advanced economies, which led the way into the mess, have struggled to get back to their pre-predicament performances.

The South African economy showed uneasy growth in 2013, slipping to just 0.7% in the third quarter on an annualised basis. But the signs are pointing to a modest recovery in 2014 in the domestic and global economies.

"What better way to achieve economic empowerment than to encourage education while providing for the potential to grow the economy further?"

Adrian discusses an alternative to BEE on Business Day Live.

Read more ran the following audio interview with Adrian Saville on 16 September 2013.

Is South Africa on a cross roads? Joining BUSINESS DAY TV in studio is Adrian Saville CIO of Cannon Asset Managers.

You can watch the televised discussion here.

Jean Pierre Verster of 36ONE Asset Management and Adrian Saville from Canon Asset Managers join Simon Brown to bring you the latest on global market activities and their favourite stock picks

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COVER, the financial services industry magazine in South Africa, featured Adrian's article "It's Not About The State of the World, but of Sub-Saharan Africa" in their July 2013 edition.

The article was featured in the print edition only.