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David O'Sullivan from Power 98.7 sitting in for Andile Khumalo talks with Adrian Saville about global economic scenarios for 2015–25.

With the current economic climate, we all wish we had a crystal ball to let us know what the economic future holds for the country, the globe and the individual. Yes, we know that we are in for a bumpy ride but just how bumpy and for just how long?

Andile Khumalo from Power 98.7 talks with Adrian on his "Times May Be Tough, But They Won’t Last Forever" paper he released in July 2015.

South Africa's economic situation has many feeling like it is time to pack your bags and leave for greener pastures but Dr Adrian Saville, CIO of Cannon Asset Managers & Chief Strategist at Citadel wrote a piece entitled, "Times may be Tough but they won't Last".

Prof Adrian Saville, CIO Cannon Asset Management and GIBS lecturer, explains the harsh reality of the caviar versus cat food lifestyle on 702. He also shares the three main principles that he has found foolproof when exploring any investment opportunity.

Eskom is costing the south african economy 1% of GDP. If we put it into numbers, the South African economy is a 400 billion dollar economy, 1 percent of that economy is 4 billion dollars... It's costing us 200 Nkandlas a year but not having electricity.

Adrian talks to 702 Business Editor Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show about the cost of Eskom versus Nkandla. Scroll to the 18 minute mark to listen to the interview.


On a macro level, there are all kinds of headwinds facing whatever business you are operating in. whether its weak global growth, the pressures we face from Eskom because of load shedding, the weak rand, as well as social-political issues. There are many challenges facing us today and insurers are at the cusp of all of that.

Many of us look for secret formulas to beat the markets, but are moat stocks the answer?

Tonight, CNBC Africa's Bruce Whitfield is joined by two fund managers - Dr Adrian Saville, CIO and founder of Cannon Asset Managers and Sasha Naryshkine, a director at Vestact, for their take and advice on which stocks you should have in your portfolio.


Adrian Saville and his team have identified education as one of the 6 common elements that help economic growth. In 2015 the World Competitive Report ranked South Africa 133 out of 144, for the quality of primary education, and 140 out of 144 for the quality of the higher education system. The 2014 Global Economic Report also ranked South Africa poorly, placing us 146 out of 148 for the overall quality of its education.

Dr Adrian Saville, from Citadel, talks on the Fine Business Radio radio show about the new multi-entry visas that have been made available for BRICS businessmen. He also discusses the impact of the recent spree of xenophobic violence in SA.

The full hour long interview can be found on the Fine Music Radio, 101.3 fm, website.


It's becoming more and more difficult to create sustainable earnings growth - but what if you could pick 10 shares to hold onto that could have you smiling for the next ten years?

Adrian Saville, CIO, Cannon Asset Managers joins CNBC Africa for his thoughts of shares that could see you through the good and the bad.

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Just a decade ago the Economist infamously described Africa as “The Hopeless Continent”.